The Golden Typo Pen


Step 1. Find the product. Can be anything. Seriously. In fact, if you’re making a product or design yourself, you can even write about this.

Step 2. The first statement is about getting formal. Here, you’re going to write in a formal tone. That means you’ll write a product statement that doesn’t say something like: This product is absolutely awesome because it uses sustainable materials, so you’d better get on it! This product statement will be one that you might feel comfortable presenting in a more professional scenario. So use a more sedate tone, such as – This product uses high-quality materials that are manufactured in a sustainable way.

Step 3: Time for the second statement – relax and have fun! Now that you’ve written the first statement, you might like to ease up and decorate the facts a little bit. Pretend you’re selling the product to a friend, or an eager audience. This is where you can be a little more subjective and playful.


The soft sleek grip of this golden pen suggests a feeling of refinement and pure luxury. It’s aesthetic compliments any piece of stationery that is plain or complex, and functions effortlessly with either a firm or soft grip. And when you hold it, it carries the weight of your imagination and bares it onto paper, as if breathing your words to life.

Writing a sentence or applying your signature with this fine piece of stationery, is like painting a picture with silk, in a cool breeze, on a warm summer’s day.

One would immediately assume that such a pen could only suit patrons who hold a high financial position in our society, as how could such luxury be available to the normal everyday person?

However, with the engraved lettering of T-Y-P-O etched across it’s raised clip, this particular logo display could help reassure a wanting hopeful that this luxury can be attainable at an economical price.


Are you a wordsmith who wants to pack a punch? Like you literally look onto a blank page, then figuratively want to punch it with your creative genius! We hear you and we know all about that. Our solution? The right equipment!

No more computers or mobile devices with their complicated word processors and their stupid autocorrect (when did I ever mean ‘duck you’ autocorrect?!).

No more typewriters and that noisy ‘PING!’ and ‘ZIP!’ sound effect that annoys everyone with working eardrums.

We’re talking about the bee’s knees of writing equipment, the be-all, and end-all of things you can produce with on paper. Something so convenient and so inspiring, that you will feel ridiculous for not ever having had one your whole life.

The Golden Pen.

Because there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) better than writing your next Australian masterpiece with a pen that reflects your passions and your ideals, and ultimately your ability to punch out something creatively golden on paper.