Fangirl geek if you will.
It’s easy to “like” most entertaining things, but to be a fanatic– obsess and consume a particular story and the whole process in its entirety is a completely different situation. And that’s me.


A constant aspect of my life. Not necessarily in artistic forms, however, I love to dabble, but more in the design thinking, storytelling and sharing process. I relish in problem-solving, especially when it requires some creative thinking and especially fun.


I definitely need more practice, and I always look forward to attempting a creative writing brief, especially fantasy fiction. Maybe one day I’ll be a professional writer. My favourite audience would have to be kids- but I’m pretty flexible.


Family is important to me. Being a mother to my children is the most important job I’ll ever do throughout my whole existence. However, I know I can be a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes- I can be kind and very playful, but I can be tough too. I’m easy to get along with most of the time- but I’m also pretty hard to earn.


I’m a Filipino Australian female with a lot of sass and cheek (most of the time I also think I’m so fricken hilarious, but it really depends on who you are). I’m also vertically challenged (4 foot 7ish I think)- but boy do I pack a punch to the nuts. Literally and figuratively. So boys- Gerrd your loins!!