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I’m Julie. The main contributor to this website that I sometimes like to call: That Blog Thing version 8.50.  Though now, in this millennial decade, we’re just currently going by: Cheeky Little Wifey

Here’s a little more about Julie.

By day: Retail Paint Shop Manager & Specialist. Creative Writing Student. Mother of beautiful boys. Cheeky wifey to spunky hubby. Amateur cleaning lady.

By night: Facebook Slave and Instagram Addict. Fallout Shelter and The Sims Geek-a-zoid. Hufflepuff House Representative. Wannabe Procreate Artist and Web Designer. Wannabe Life-goal Achiever and Quirky Mumpreneur.

Although there are lots of “Wannabe” stats listed up there, I basically just want to create a fun space. I’m just your normal everyday, idealistic, storyteller mama, who wants to enjoy and share the positive things in her life.

I hope to appeal to readers who are dreamers like me or just people who like to escape into some light-hearted, cheeky-ass, everyday fun content, that will hopefully not offend anyone (pssh, but I doubt it).

About: Cheeky Little Wifey.

We started out as a weird personal blog then we didn’t really go anywhere. The wifey got bored talking about what felt like nonsense.

This version however might have more potential. Especially for female adult readers (guys are more than welcome to have a squiz too) who have a taste for the geeky, unconventional and humorous.

Submissions of articles will include: Short stories, poems and anecdotes, non-fiction and how-to’s, artwork, photography, reviews for music, film and T.V.

Would you like to write for us too?

Although this is currently just a hobby project and there isn’t any monetary gains, if you’d like to get some of your work out there, definitely let me know. Credit and Copyrights will always be stated where applicable.

Not all submissions may be published on Cheeky Little Wifey due to content compatibility, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Please send all submissions to cheekylittlewifey@gmail.com as an attachment file.

Include in the email:

  • A description and/or summary of your submission
  • Your name and website (1 x Social URL accepted)

And that’s it for now.

Note. We reserve the right to change any processes as things move forward.